These fortresses are

shown where possible,

in their natural

landscape devoid of



Each castle has an

introduction giving a

brief history of its

owners and of the

builders; architects/engineers, master masons and other craftsmen

where known.

For more information

apply to;


A selection of Roy's

pictures are held by;

www.collections picturelibrary.co.uk




A selection of general

images in both mono

and colour, taken

completely at random

Images taken from all

over Spain.

Subjects include;

Food, Wine,



customs and


A selection of Roy's

pictures are held with;

Cephas Picture Library;


The images shown

here, were taken in the

main on commission

for Mike Barrett

Boxing Promotions.

This selection is in

memory of

Mike Barrett, a close

family friend who died; July 27, 2011,

aged 84 years.

"Born in Wandsworth London the son of an Immigration Officer,

he rose to prominence

in the 1960s to become one of Britain’s top boxing promoters.

He was debonair, with an immaculate dress sense and a ubiquitous air of gravitas and shrewdness."


While this mainly castle website is being developed, please continue to brows.

Apart from the ‘New Look’, Roy is adding more historical information in the form of separate introductions to each of the castles. Also, he is  adding more pictures but deleting others which seem irrelevant.

This will be on-going as additional pictures are taken and more castle building information comes to light.

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