The land on which this castle stands used to belong to the 12th century barons of Tynedale but eventually passed to the Lucy family through marriage.

In the middle of the 14th century Sir Thomas de Lucy altered what is thought to have been a residential building into a fortified manor house/castle.

In about 1368 Sir Thomas’s daughter Maud married Henry Percy. Circa 1403 Henry changed his allegiance from King Henry IV to the Archbishop of York in an unsuccessful rebellion against the king and was forced to flee to Scotland, resulting in the castle being fired and ruined by the king’s forces.

Despite the property passing into various hands it eventually became crown property in the 17th century and remained a ruin until the 19th century when it was bought by Cadwallader Bates. He put into progress an extensive restoration programme which was continued after his death in 1902 by his wife Josephine. On her death in 1933 the castle was abandoned and later used as an army barracks during the Second World War.

In 1985 an American professor Dr. Stuart Madnick bought the castle and it is now a hotel offering modern facilities in medieval  surroundings

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