Like so many castles, it is believed this one was built on the site of a Roman fort, c.79 AD.

Not much else is known of its earlier history other than a vague mention that it had been a possible Saxon stronghold until the late in 11th  and early 12th century when the Norman, Roger de Poitou, the third son of Roger de Montgomery held the land. Alas, like his eldest brother, Robert de Bell√™me, their lands were forfeited for supporting Duke Robert II (Curthose) against King Henry I in the so called, 'Baron's Rebellion' of 1102.

The castle then became crown property. C1141 King David of Scotland held it and may well have built the stone Towered Keep.

During King HenryIII's reign large sums of money were spent building the twin Towered stone Fortified Gatehouse and a stone Curtain Wall. In recent times this castle has been a Court House and a secure centre for placing criminals at her Magesty's Pleasure.

The castle is owned by the British Sovereign as Duke of Lancaster.

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