Goodrich or Godric's Castle probably took its name from Godric Mapson the Domesday tenant of nearby Hulla who built the original stockade at the behest of William fitzOsbert in about 1070.

The first mention of a stone structure was about 1160 when the then owner, Richard ‘Strongbow’ de Claire, ordered the keep to be built. This work was probably completed in 1167. Ailnoth, the master mason-engineer familiar with modern ideas of design for great towers, comes to mind.

The next recorded building programme at the castle was initiated by William de Valence,

uncle of King Edward I, and began in 1261.

The building work seems to have been undertaken in two phases.  Firstly from 1260 to 1266 and the second phase extending from 1280 to 1290.

Robert Beverly a highly placed royal master mason who designed The Lion Tower at the Tower of London, is said to have designed the barbican at Goodrich, both being identical in size and plan.

During the civil war, the castle came under siege from parliamentary forces and was later slighted.

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