After the Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror in 1068 met with tremendous resistance

at Exeter and was forced to lay a 16 day siege. After much bloodshed and torture the

citizens of the town surrendered, after which this castle’s construction was started by putting it under the control of Baldwin de Meules or Baldwin fitzGilbert.

It stands on the highest part of the town. From the reddish colour of the volcanic rock on which it stood, it became known as Rougemont Castle.

In 1136 King Stephen laid a three month siege and when King Richard III visited it in 1483 he commended it highly for its strength and for its beautiful situation.

All the inner castle buildings were swept away in the 1770s to make way for a new courthouse.

Only this ruined gatehouse and a few other remains remind us of its once impressive fortifications.

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